Pushing the eBook Envelope. Sprocket Delivers for Oracle.


You’ve probably seen an eBook recently. But where did you view it? On your laptop, your tablet, your iPhone or Droid? Having so many options is great for content hungry consumers. But it’s tough on content creators. To spread their message effectively, content creators have to make their publications easily accessible and sharable across a spectrum of viewing formats and operating systems. But when it comes to eBooks, one size does not fit all.That’s where Sprocket comes in.  A great example of our expertise in solving this multimedia problem is the SOA eBook we recently created as a joint project for Oracle and Fujitsu. To maximize the reach of the eBook, it had to be accessible online and offline and work across all platforms. And to maximize its impact, the eBook had to integrate interactive features such as embedded videos.

Sprocket delivered on all those requests, and even upped the ante. The final product was developed to serve the SOA team dynamically over the long term, with all resources and content able to be updated on the fly. The mobile versions can be enhanced with a location-aware feature that allows us to deliver regional content based on the geographical location of the mobile device that’s accessing the eBook. That gives the reader content that’s more relevant to them—and it gives Oracle and Fujitsu the opportunity to use the eBook to promote local events, regional offers, and regional content.

We also covered all the bases to meet different viewer preferences. For all the bells and whistles, we created an HTML5 version.  If you’re on the go, mobile and tablet versions are right there with you. There’s even a scaled back Flash version for those still surfing old school on Internet Explorer 6–8.  But, why talk about it when you can see it for yourself. Check out the HTML5 version here.

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