LinkedIn Updates. LinkedIn Revamps Its User Interface.

I recently logged into my LinkedIn account and was pleased to not recognize it! LinkedIn recently revamped its user interface to a modern, clean design pleasing to the eye. Gone are the days of a bulky homepage, retro color palates, and flat pages… replaced with dynamic statuses, news updates, and a modern look and feel for the coming of ages. What changes can you expect to see? Read on…

1. Send messages to contacts directly from your homepage:





2. Or like, comment, or share statuses from your homepage as well without having to leave. You will see something like this below your connection’s status:



3. Filter your streams. How do you like to receive your information? Take a pic from the “all updates” drop down on the top right of your screen:

4. Notice the images in the homepages are bigger? That’s because they are! Pictures always receive more engagement with users, probably the reason for this upgrade.  A great tip is to use images frequently in your status updates, which may lead to an increase in user views of your profile.


5. LinkedIn today is the first thing you see on the homepage. This is where LinkedIn offers you news tidbits recommended to your liking. Below the title you will find the source from where the article was extracted.  You can choose to hide it, but why would you?

From these few but highly beneficial new features on LinkedIn, they have set themselves up to be more…well, social.  Personally, I think LinkedIn is a great professional platform and with these classy but unambiguous updates, I believe it will be outperform its existing counterparts for years to come.

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