Social Media Strategy. What a Company’s Goals and Objectives Should Be.

An effective Social Media Strategy needs a clear roadmap. Most businesses jump into the social web without a plan or well thought out strategy. Each business has a unique set of social media business objectives they would like to achieve. An organization can begin to create a simple yet effective strategy by learning how to create clear goals and SMART objectives. Identifying goals and objectives can help any business manage and evaluate social efforts, prioritize social activities and meet business objectives.

So what is the difference between goals and objectives?

Goals are general and broad short or long term visions that have meaningful outcomes. Goals are attainable and achievable. Objectives are implementation steps to attain the identified goals. SMART objectives are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Framed.

Social Media Goals:

Review you business needs and select the three most important ones. Some examples of business needs include:

□   Increase sales

□   Build awareness

□   Increase traffic

Based on these needs create short or long term goals that are attainable and achievable.

Examples of goals for an online retailer can include:

□   Increase Sales by 10% by January 2013

□   Increase Fans on Social Media portals by 15% by January 2013

□   Increase traffic (unique visitors) to website by 15% by January 2013

Once you have established clear simple and attainable goals you can create a list of objectives on how you will reach them.

Social Media Objectives:

Now you are ready to create a strategy on reaching your goals by developing SMART objectives.  There is a fallacy that Social Media cannot help increase sales. Many successful companies use innovative tactics with Social Media to help increase their sales.

Examples of Objectives for Increasing Sales with Social Media

□   Create a Facebook Application to list specials, promotions and offers.

□   Add specials, promotions and offers to Twitter page

□   Create a Pinterest Board for Special Promotions

□   All specials will have a call to action

□   All specials will lead to a custom-landing page

□   Ask fans to share offers with their network

□   Give current clients a discount for sharing your specials on their social network

Alas you have created a simplified Social Media Strategy with clear goals and SMART objectives. Contact our team of Social Media Strategists if your organization needs help developing a comprehensive Social Media Strategy that integrates with your current business model.

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