Welcome to the Social Enterprise. Resistance Is Futile.


Everybody’s talking about it. More organizations are taking the plunge every day. And the future seems certain. You will be assimilated.What started out as “Enterprise 2.0” has evolved into what’s now commonly referred to as the “social enterprise.” The idea is that employees are happier, more efficient, and more productive when they can work with tools that more closely resemble the social apps they love. And customers are more satisfied when they can easily interact with companies and brands in a more social, open, and collaborative way.

In the ideal social enterprise, employees use social tools that combine chat, groups, and attachments to collaborate with each other. The brand uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to interact with customers. And the walls between employees and customers crumble—or at least open up in some places—to allow more transparency and closer interaction between the people with questions, and the people with answers.

If you’re not social at work yet, you will be soon—so here are a couple of fun ways to get yourself acclimated. This interesting infographic from Gist shows you what a social enterprise should look like. And this cool social media monitoring app from Wildfire lets you track your company’s Facebook or Twitter performance and compare it against the competition.

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